The Mobile Office – Our Reality

by Nic McCondach
on 31 Oct, 2017
Nic McCondach

I recently travelled to India for a month. It was my second trip to India. It is such a huge country that you need to spend at least a month at a time to be able to cover and enjoy its many diverse areas. The country, food and people are amazing, and India holds a very dear place in my heart. When we booked our trip a few months after starting my own business we questioned not only how were we going to pay for it but mostly how was I ever going to take the time off to go. You may well be asking the same question at this point.

The Admin Angels pride ourselves in giving our clients freedom and peace of mind to allow them to take time away from their business to do what they enjoy. This was one of the needs that we saw for businesses and was a motivating factor for us going in to business.

With this in mind, it was also important for us to follow the same mantra.

Thanks to the beauty of online accounting and the availability of good internet, I could carry on with daily tasks and keep in contact with clients with the backup of my business partner and our capable team back in New Zealand. The cost to us was $5 per day roaming charge ( a small price to pay) and the cost to our clients was NIL, no disruption to their service.

Business owners need to be assured of continuity of their business. Our clients can take leave. The great thing about our model is that they don’t have to worry about taking over when their admin staff member goes on holiday, or stress over who will handle the wages etc while they are away, because they contract us to do this work. If one of us are away on holiday, or sick, another team member simply steps in to fill the gap. No worries about holiday or sick pay. This provides our clients with certainty and peace of mind.

It is so important to have work/life balance, and it gives us so much pleasure to see our clients getting back the freedom they have worked so hard for.

if you are looking for affordable expertise (think experienced accountancy and tax support at bookkeeper pricing) to enable a better work/life balance, we’d love to meet for a no obligation chat, buy you a coffee and discuss the needs you have for yourself and your business.

~written by Angel, Heather Sumpter ~