Payroll is not as simple as paying your employee/s a weekly, fortnightly or monthly amount.  And keeping up with law in this area can be time consuming.

Are you confident you are keeping accurate records, recording sick leave and holiday pay correctly, and remunerating your team members at the right rate for alternate days?

Are you making the correct deductions from your employee and ensuring that you are paying accurate amounts to the Inland Revenue Department?

We can take away the worry and time involved by:

  • Setting up employment contracts.
  • Helping you record your employees time efficiently.
  • Calculating your weekly/fortnightly/monthly wages.
  • Filing your monthly PAYE.
  • Ensuring that holiday pay and sick leave are paid and recorded correctly.
  • Setting up payment plans to the Inland Revenue when cash is tight.
  • Liaising on your behalf with the Inland Revenue Department.

Our payroll expertise at an affordable price. Can you afford not to?